Bric opens offices in Dubai and finishes successful Roadshow

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This past February Bric held its first roadshow in Dubai for partners and investors and announced the opening of its new office in Dubai in the Boulevard Plaza in front of the Burj Khalifa. Partners and investors took part in one of Bric’s board meeting and gained insight into the company and its board which consist of members from Europe, USA, UAE, and Asia. Among the attendees of the roadshow was the royal family of the Emirates of Dubai who are actively supporting Bric.

Everything went as planned and during the main event Bric announced major news and showcased its roadmap. Among the news was the announcement of Bric’s new office and the sponsoring of a major international boxing event in Dubai. Some Roadmap announcements included the moving of Bric’s smart contract from Tron to BNB Chain in April, the public listing on IndoEx in April, and the expected listing on at least 3 more major cryptocurrency exchanges by May 2022.